Unicorn Winery

Unicorn Winery

The tasting room is a short drive from the roadway past a large pond with a fountain. Outside you will find chairs and tables where you can picnic and enjoy the view. For a non-drinker or designated driver, this is a great spot to read.

Vint Hill Craft Winery

Photograph from the outside of Vint Hill

If we had taken this photograph a couple of decades ago, we might have been shot. Vint Hill Farm Station (Wikipedia) was established during the Second World War as a signals monitoring station and cryptography school.

Pearmund Cellars

Photograph of Pearmund from the parking lot.

Turning West off of Georgetown Road, you have the opportunity to drive a gravel road through the vineyard before arriving at the tasting room. We found the parking lot and tasting room full (always a good sign).

Vintage Ridge Vineyard

Vintage Ridge Winery

[UPDATE July 2014] Sadly, Vintage Ridge is no more. The property has been sold and the new owners plan to keep it as a personal residence.

Aspen Dale Winery at the Barn

Aspen Dale Winery at the Barn

There are many wineries that take on a rustic look by creating a structure to appear as an old farm structure. At Aspen Dale you will do your wine tasting in a real barn, converted into a tasting room, that is surrounded by other farm buildings.

Chateau O'Brien at Northpoint

View of the Chateau O'Brien entrance.

There are two wine tasting areas, not counting the cellar tour. As you enter the large copper clad doors, go to your right for their classic wine tasting area. You will find a small tasting bar, as well as food merchandise (jams, BBQ sauce, and chocolate) for purchase.

Gadino Cellars

A view of the entrance to Gadino Cellars

Gadino Cellars, a favorite winery and is a relaxing place to visit and both the wine drinker and designated driver find things to do.


We are just in the processing of setting this site up. The intent is to review and discuss wineries we visit from the perspective of a wine lover (Donna) and a designated driver (Dale). There are many sites where wines are rated and commented on, but we have a small twist. Since any visit to a drinking establishment should include a designated driver, how does the non-drinker enjoy themselves? We will explore wineries from both perspectives.


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