Virginia Vineyards Association Grower of the Year is...

The Virginia Vineyards Association has selected their 2020 Grower of the Year. Click through to see who won.

Virginia Wine Mentions in Wine Enthusiast

Two Virginia Merlots are mention in Wine Enthusiast.

Winery Dogs Welcomed (Cats Don't Notice)

Virginia passed HB 286 which in summary states,

Wineries; dogs allowed inside. Provides that dogs may be allowed inside or on the premises of a licensed winery or farm winery, distillery, or brewery or farm brewery, except in any area used for the manufacture of food products. Current law provides that no animal shall be permitted in any area used for the manufacture of food products, with certain exceptions for guard or guide animals.

Children and Infants - Not in My Winery!

It may surprise you to discover that not everyone thinks your baby or child is as adorable as you do. In the Northern Virginia wine region, less than half (49%) of the eight-five wineries explicitly welcome children. This exclusion may extend beyond the tasting room to include the entire grounds of the winery. So leaving an adult with a baby in a car while others go into the winery would not be permitted. (Obviously never leave a baby in a car by itself. Clever babies could drive off leaving you stranded.) Below we list the wineries that welcome children and ones that explicitly do not.

2nd Annual Winter Wine Celebration

The 2nd Annual Winter Wine Celebration is scheduled for 2 December 2017 at the Virginia Beach Convention Center. As of this writing, twelve wineries will be in attendance along with live entertainment. Tickets are $40 at the door, or $30 in advance.

Winery Dogs Banned (Cats Rejoice)

The Commonwealth of Virginia has begun to enforce long existing regulations prohibiting the presence of dogs in wine tasting areas. This, of course, does not include service animals. Dogs are permitted in outside areas as long as they are on a leash and not sitting on chairs or tables.
Wine Cat, and the cats that run it, applaud the Commonwealth of Virginia on the long needed enforcement of reasonable and common sense leash laws.

Shenandoah Valley Wineries

A couple took a drive through the Shenandoah Valley and extended their trip when they found about twenty-four wineries to explore.

Read more at: timesunion, Drink in the delights of Virginia's wineries: Scenic Shenandoah Valley home to many vineyards, 9 November 2017

World 2017 Wine Production Falls, but Probably Not in Virginia

The International Organisation of Vine and Wine (OIV - Organisation Internationale de la Vigne et du Vin) announced an 8% decrease in world wine production for 2017. They also noted that production in the United States is projected to fall much less, only by 1%. This, however, does not include the impact of California's fires. Meanwhile in Virginia, several wineries are reporting larger than normal harvests for 2017.

Harvest 2017 at the Ox-Eye Vineyards

One of the owners of the Ox-Eye Vineyard describes the 2017 grape harvest. Ox-Eye Vineyards is a Virginia farm winery in Augusta County, Virginia. Their tasting room, the Ox-Eye Tasting Room, is located in the historic wharf area of downtown Staunton, VA.

Read more at: BearingDrift, Harvest 2017, 20 October 2017

Garden Grove Brewing now also an Urban Winery

Garden Grove Brewing Company is now dubbed Garden Grove Brewing and Urban Winery to coincide with the debut its first wines the weekend of 21 October 2017 at its taproom at 3445 W. Cary Street, Richmond, VA. Prior to opening Garden Grove three years ago with Ryan Mitchell, Mike Brandt had been a winemaker and viticulturist at Virginia wineries. Last summer, Garden Grove leased a half-acre in Fauquier County, Virginia, from Arterra Wines to grow its grapes.


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